student release of liability waiver

Surf Salutations warmly welcomes you to their yoga classes. As everyone comes to yoga & meditation for different reasons please always let your Surf Salutations yoga teacher know of any injuries or relevant medical information, especially if you are new or if your situation has changed so she can try to keep you as safe as possible.


The golden rule is ‘if it does not feel right then do not do it. Please stop when ever you need to, or rest in child's pose. Feel free to ask for assistance if you are unsure about whether a pose, movement or breathing / meditation instruction is right for you. If it’s not possible during the class, then talk to your Surf Salutations yoga teacher after the class. The goal is to help you get the most from your practice and Surf Salutations yoga teachers are more than happy to offer adjustments or alternatives. 


Talk to your Surf Salutations yoga teacher before the class about any reoccurring or new issues that may affect your practice so we can offer extra guidance.


liability waiver:

1. Megan Funk Peters trading as Surf Salutations (ABN 53 978 951 883) (Surf Salutations) warmly welcomes you to her yoga classes (Class). 
2. Yoga (including breath work and meditation) are physical activities and your participation in the Class involves risk to you including the risk of physical injury, which may be serious and disabling.  
3. If you have any injuries or medical conditions, including if you are pregnant, you must inform Surf Salutations before the start of any Class. If participating in a Class might increase your risk of further injury, or it is unsafe to you, you must not participate in the Class. 
4. If you are pregnant you must inform Surf Salutations before the start of any Class. If participating in a particular activity or movement in a Class becomes uncomfortable or harmful for you, Surf Salutations may not recommend you to do those activities.     
5. You assume full responsibility for your participation in the Class and the risks involved.  
6. If at any time you feel dizzy, faint, unwell, discomfort or pain, you must stop. You may also need to see a medical professional.
7. Surf Salutations instructors are not medical professionals and cannot provide medical advice. 
8. You hereby release and agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Surf Salutations, and its employees and contractors from any and all claims or liabilities arising from or in connection with your participation in Classes, including injury to you or a third party (including where that injury causes permanent disability), your death or the death of a third party, or loss of damage to your personal property, regardless of whether those claims or liabilities were caused or contributed to by a negligent act or omission of Surf Salutations, Megan or any third party, including other participants. 
9. This waiver forms a binding contractual agreement between you and Surf Salutations. This waiver is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the law of New South Wales and the provisions of this waiver are severable so that if any provision is held to be invalid the remainder shall remain in full force and effect. This waiver is to be interpreted by the laws of the New South Wales. 
10. You must complete this waiver each time your circumstances change.
11. By clicking submit below you acknowledge and agree to this waiver: